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Album Review: 'Sistrum EP' By Aguizi & Fahim

Prodigal sons of Egypt's progressive house scene, Aguizi & Fahim are back with their latest release on UK label Subordinate Records.

House power-producers Aguizi & Fahim’s latest two-track EP, Sistrum - released on UK imprint Superordinate Music - is a welcome addition to their ever-expanding catalogue of releases, and delivers fully on the dynamic duo’s tried-and-tested progressive house sound.The title track, Sistrum, begins with a standard 4/4 dance beat, complimented by a deep, grooving sub-bass and rattling shakers. The whirring, arpeggiated lead melody, which comes into play about a third of the way through the track, is an unexpected addition to the instrumentation that gives the whole track a rapid, energised vibe that's a pleasure to the ears. Icy pad chords fill the mix on Sistrum, as do they in the the second track on the project, Anova. Here, metallic and wooden percussion add an organic touch to the track, which bounces along to an electrifying synthesiser bass riff.

Overall, it may seem like the tracks on Sistrum EP rarely progress farther than the initial da5la, and after sitting through half of each record’s dizzying eight-minute runtime one can perceive the records as beginning to stagnate sonically. No matter how many layers and one-shots fly in and out of the mix, this record will be inaccessible if you’re not a deep house fan; but if you are, then Aguizi & Fahim deliver perfectly on all fronts. Deep house may not be everyone’s go-to genre, but look past initial khabt impressions and patient listeners are sure to find a trance-like bliss in Sistrum EP.

Check out Aguizi & Fahim on their Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.