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All Hail King Yeezus

BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West thinks he's God... Oh wait...

Now we're not saying that Kanye West has a God complex, no. HE IS GOD. HE'S ALSO JESUS AND BUDDHA. Who knew the second coming would come in the form of black rap? First he performed a track from his upcoming album at the Met Ball entitled I Am God (suspicious), then, this week, he projected a video of another upcoming single release New Slave on buildings in ten major city around the globe (all seeing eye). Now, thanks to his concubine, Kim Kardashian, a picture has been released online, possibly revealing the name of his new album - YEEZUS (Jesus). Case settled then. The new album, speculated to be released on 18th June, is set to feature collaborations with the likes of Daft Punk, TNGHT, Odd Future and more. Stay tuned for his next move or just pick up a Bible.