Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Aly G in da House

Nacelle resident Aly Goede has been shaking up the music scene with his Techno-inspired mixes for a few years now. We talk to the man about spinning on the streets, which drug is best for Techno music and taking Aly B out.

Staff Writer

One of the regulars at the hugely popular Nacelle Friday House Sessions, Aly Goede is a talented producer and DJ with huge diversity in his mixes, specialising in Deep, Tech and Minimal House. The modest half-German, half-Egyptian spinner moved back to Egypt from Berlin two years ago and has slowly become a big crowd favourite. We speak to Aly about Doner kebabs, street gigs and making love to Techno, ahead of his warm-up gig at tomorrow night’s Student DJ Program semi-final…

How did you get started in your musical journey?

I started in 2000 when I bought myself a pair of turntables and a mixer.

Did you play any instruments?

No, I started off as a DJ. I went to a lot of parties that got me into a lot of Electronic music though I started off playing RnB but now I’m mostly into Techno.

And what is it about Techno music that you like so much?

I don’t like music with a lot of vocals because I’m into the more experimental stuff. Some people see it as dark music and they can’t stand it. I don’t see it this way; it puts me in the right mood.

Have you ever had sex with Techno music?

Of course, I love Techno….

When was your first gig?

Sometime during school.

And when you started you were like, “I’m going to do this for fun”?

It was actually for fun until a couple of months ago. It was always a hobby, then I felt like, ok I can make something out of it.

What was the best thing about working at Ali Baba Doner Kebab?

Eating Doner!

Did you ever get confused and try to spin the meat?

I did.

Did you ever start to cut up your decks like a Doner?

Haha, no, that wasn’t my job. 

Berlin has the biggest scene in EDM at the moment. Where did you spin?

I was just spinning at home actually. One time we went down in front of my house and onto the street with the records and started spinning.

Have you ever tried to do that here?


You should try it out in Zamalek…

They’ll be looking at us like, what the hell are you doing?! You can’t do this stuff here. If I start playing music on the street no one would get it.

Are your parents into music at all?

My dad is. He has a big vinyl collection as well.

And he approves of you being a DJ?

Both my parents do actually, but my mum would like me to have a normal job or do both.

Do you feel like something big is happening in the DJ scene here or is it just a trend?

I hope it’s not just a trend but here in Cairo we don’t have different scenes. It’s only one scene and everyone is following the hype.

So what’s going to be the next big trend after Deep House subsides?

Techno … looks like that.

What was your first gig in Cairo?

A friend and I threw a party at Topkapi, a small restaurant in Garden City but it didn’t work out too well…

How many people came?

Like 10 maybe? We made 150 LE out of  the whole party!

What did you do with the money?

You don’t want to know!

Do you produce as well?

Yes I do, I’ve been doing original productions since 2002.

Have you released anything yet?

Not really, no. It’s a good question actually. I’ve never tried to put my productions out there yet.

How did you end up getting the Nacelle residency?

I met Tito when he came back from Canada. I met him in Jazz Club and he was playing Techno which I loved so we started talking and I told him that I play Techno too. But then I went back to Berlin for two years and when I came back the Nacelle thing was going on. They asked me if I can play the closing party before Ramadan and that’s how it began.

Let’s say all the DJs that are playing in Cairo right now are all lined up in front of you and you had to shoot one of them. Who would you shoot?

There’s this guy called DJ Fabric. I’d love to shoot him .

If you had to take one of the Nacelle residents out for a date who would It be?

Aly B…

Everyone says Aly B. Where would you take him?

I think a good restaurant and a spa.

What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you during a gig?

A girl came up and touched my dick…

Where was this dick incident?

It was in Nacelle.

Was it Aly B?

Hahaha! No it was definitely a girl.

What’s been your favourite gig in Egypt?

I loved Rotation at Level. I was really looking forward to the party actually. The sound system was amazing.

Who are your favourite DJs and producers and who has influenced you?

There is this guy called Butch. He is a German producer and I love his music. He plays very percussive, Tech House. In terms of influencers, it’d be Radioactive Man who is into experimental stuff.

How about on the Egyptian music scene?

ZULI, I love his stuff. Hussein El Sherbini, Ismail Hosny and Hassan Abo Alam too, off the top of my head.

Do you have to be on drugs to listen to Techno?

No, not really.

What’s the best drug to take listening to Techno music?

Weed, I love weed.

Why don’t you change your DJ name to Aly G?

I ask myself this a lot , but I don’t know the answer.

Do you hold resentment towards the younger generations who play off USBs and laptops, while you started on vinyl?

I can’t change them… I don’t really care.

Catch Aly Goede spinning tomorrow, 26th June, at the semi-final of the Student DJ Program on the Sky Pool at Fairmont Nile City, alongside Niconé, Sascha Braemer and finalists Fulltone and Aguizi & Fahim. To make your reservation, click here.