Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Amr Mostafa: Better Days

The talented Amr Mostafa is making waves once more, this time signed to Egypt's Electrum Records to release his first professional EP. We talk to the producer/DJ to find out more about his style.

Staff Writer

Electrum Records seem to be on a mission to cultivate a new breed of DJs to compete on an international level. But in today's day and age it's not enough to just be able to put a great set together for the recognition. DJs have to begin creating their own sound with in whatever binary of House, and one DJ who we previously spotlighted on SceneNoise, is Amr Mostafa has carved out a neat place for himself in the sea of current Egyptian House producers by taking inspiration from the 90s Deep House movement. He has just released his first EP with Electrum, Better Days, featuring two tracks from his debut effort Dreamcatchers. Check out our Q and A with the spinner below. We spoke to the talented DJ and Producer to find out more:

What's new from Amr Mostafa?

Well, there are a lot of projects that I am currently working on that will hopefully materialise soon. Three originals, three collaborations, two remixes and a plan for a joint EP with another artist under my alias MINOR Thought.

How do you feel you have improved since signing with Electrum?

Working with a team on my career is definitely better; I get to ask for advice. We frequently have conversations where they advise me what the next move should be, even though these moves usually take place halfway across the world.

What's your favorite technique to use while producing?

I love using live instruments in my productions. Every time I get the chance to include one, I never hesitate to. Some of what I think are my best productions so far include a live instrument in them. It adds a sense of emotion to the track, if that’s not too cheesy.

What was the inspiration for your latest release?

The inspiration has to be incorporating dance music with alternative and chill out sounds.

If you were to compare your music and style to another Producer or DJ who would that be?

I honestly wouldn’t be able to answer that, however I find myself gaining inspiration from the likes of Disclousure or Flume. However, my sound ends up being very different from theirs.

What music do you listen to outside of House?

I basically listen to everything except metal, but mostly Chill Out electronic music and Classic Rock.

What's your biggest pet peeve with musicians today?

Thinking they run the world. We all had to start somewhere; nothing beats being humble about it.

Imagine your DJing and the party is at it's absolute peak, everyone's going crazy; what track do you play?

Definitely a fast paced “jumpy” track, around the lines of Tech House or House (I hate genres, I don’t even know the difference between half of them). This answer will probably change in a week, but if I were playing this party today, it would probably be Rudimental – Right Here (Hot Since 82 Remix).

It's 5am after a euphoric night of partying, the sun is coming up, what track do you play?

Flume ft. Moon Holiday – Insane

Keep up to date with Amr Mostafa on his Facebook fan page here and listen to his music on his SoundCloud here: