Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Amr Mostafa: Dreamchasers

We came across Amr Mostafa's new EP, and for all you House-heads out there, this is one you should listen out for.

Staff Writer

We recently came across a new EP from one of EPIC 101's production course graduates that poqued our interest and shows a lot of potential to be a future Egyptian EDM talent. We at SceneNoise get sent a lot of demos and EPs from young artists whose style of House is usually a humdrum, hat-snare-bass stab we've heard a thousand times before. Amr Mostafa, 20, has already been booked alongside international artists in Cairo and had a brief residency back in his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. He's now back in Egypt and his debut EP Dreamcahasers features two tracks, the first of which, Pills, starts off with retro guitar plucks and an alien-esque synth that devolps into a seriously catchy yet melancholic journey as the the claps come in before the satirically relatable "DJs took pills to stay awake for seven days," sample that introduces a subtley haunting saw, doused in reverb that leads to a musical come down mirroring that of, well, being high on pills.

Taking inspiration from a 90's Deep House sound, his second track No Wisdom features that warm analogic bass stab synonymous with the last few months of Cairo clubbing but still maintains a unique and fresh movement that caught our attentions in the first place, including a glitchy sample melody. There may still be a long way to go for Mostafa as far as improving the impactfulness of his productions but is well worth following for future releases.

You can download Dreamchasers for free here. Keep up to date with Amr Mostafa on his Facebook fan page here. Find out more about EPIC 101 on their Facebook page here.