Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Huge Line Up For Artivism Festival This Saturday

With some of Egypt's most exciting names in art and music set to perform at the GrEEK Campus this weekend, Artivism seeks to provide an unorthodox platform for change. Find out more...

Staff Writer

As you can imagine by now, three presidents, two revolutions and countless protests down the line, we Egyptians are expert activists. Also cativists. But with media oppression and crack downs on any public acts of defiance still abundant in the current regime, it's the old saying that "change comes within" that seems to ring loud, and what better way to create a change from within, without government interference than with art, and this case Artivism?

'Artivism' is a collective of righteous human beings that aim to ignite a paradigm shift in our perception of current societal molds, "a group aiming to use all kinds of media as tools to change behavior." This Saturday, they are hosting the first Artivism festival at The GrEEK Campus, Downtown, with an aim to highlight a wide spectrum of independent artists from musicians to visual artists, exposing them to an audience who are unfamiliar with such mediums for change.

The line up includes the uber popular and powerful singer/songwriter Maryam Saleh, Post-Rock experimental, spoken-word poetry band El Manzouma led by Aly Talibab, Heavy Oriental, Progressive Metal band Darwasha Project, and expect visuals throughout by artist Tefa. Capturing the whole event will be Spiderman's own personal photographer Hossam 'Antika' Atef.

For more information and tickets contact 01153439191 or click here for a full list of ticket outlets.