Monday June 5th, 2023
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Award-Winning Bass Clarinetist Todd Marcus Returns To CJC

CJC wasted no time re-booking Egyptian-American Todd Marcus for their December 27th Jazz Sunday night. Armed with a bass clarinet and enlisting the help of local jazz talents, Marcus will be bringing back his uniquely Egyptian-inspired jazz that is shaping up to be the perfect way to close out 2015.

Staff Writer
Cairo Jazz Club is one of Cairo’s finest live venues and home to a variety of genres. Looking to return to the sound that inspired it all, CJC has re-enlisted the efforts of Egyptian-American award-winning bass clarinetist Todd Marcus for an incredibly jazzy affair on December 27th. Bringing forth his uniquely cool Jazz, this incredibly talented artist may be the rare chance you get to hear an awesome bass clarinet leading a Jazz ensemble.
Trained in classical musical from a young age, Marcus found his true musical passion in an instrument not many consider picking up: the bass clarinet. Almost sounding like a brassless bass-y sax, the bass clarinet was arguably made for Jazz, and in Marcus’ hands creates a fiery swing interlaced with Middle Eastern influences.

If you are a regular at Cairo Jazz Club, then you may remember Todd Marcus playing back in October supporting the release of his Egyptian-inspired Blues for Tahrir album. The show was some of the most impressive Jazz showings this side of the Nile and it left Cairene ears hungering for more. Looking to satisfy the demands of Egyptian ears, Cairo Jazz Club wasted no time and booked him for a follow-up show, set for December 27th.

Coming all the way from Baltimore, Todd Marcus will be joined on stage by some of Egypt’s brightest Jazz talents for a night that is guaranteed to be memorable. With a solid fan base created from his previous show, Cairo Jazz Club will be the place to be for all that jazz, not to mention the last chance you'll have to hear a bass clarinet maestro with Egyptian flare in 2015.

For further event details, click here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.