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B for Bandetta

They may have a collective age of 5years-old but that don't mean they're not super talented. CairoScene bangs on with 4-piece teenage collective Bandetta...

Before you jump to conclusions, let us tell you – this ain’t your average boy band. Playing their own music and writing their own songs, Bandetta’s unique Latin-meets-Rock-meets-Reggae with the occasional rap interlude is sure to pique your interests. Don’t believe us? You can catch them at Grizzly Diner’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree event tomorrow for a side of talent with your mouthwatering burger. We hang out with the crew and their manager to talk Spice Girls, curfews and even get them to sing us a couple of tunes…

How did you guys get together?

Hatem: Mohamed and I used to play together and we met Omar and asked him to play with us. We went through a lot of different band members, but as soon as Talal finished his university course in London and came back, we became the final four we are today.

What kind of music do you play?

Mohamed: Our music is rock but we play some Latin and some Reggae too. Sometimes we get a rapper called Bambam to join us.

Who are your influences?

Omar: John Mayer, Alter Bridge, Guns ‘N’ Roses…

Do you only play covers or do you have some originals?

Talal: Both. We really enjoy writing our own stuff but there are classic songs we just love to play.

Can you sing Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe for us?*They ignore us and sing something else, which is just as good. Audio only for time being, video will be up shortly*

So you guys started a band just to get chicks right?

Hatem: The chicks were there before…

Cheeky. So what venues have you played so far?

Mohamed: Opium, Grizzly Diner and at talent shows in AIS and the Lycee.

Do you have any groupies yet?

Omar: We try!

What’s your dream place to play in Cairo?

Talal: We love playing at Grizzly, it’s the best diner in town! We can’t wait for the Christmas show.

What’s your favorite meal at Grizzly Diner?

All: Juicy Lucy!

What is your favorite milkshake at Grizzly Diner?

Omar: Classic vanilla, for sure.

If you guys could play for only one person who would it be? Mohamed: Mathew Bellamy, the lead singer of Muse.

If you could have a baby with anyone who would it be?

Hatem: Scarlet Johansson, the rest of the guys would hook up with Brad Pitt.

You can’t all have Brad Pitt’s baby! Has anything really weird happened whilst performing?

Talal: Just drunk people ruining the monitors at Opium. Also girls always come up to (Omar) Emara asking him to dedicate songs to them! Omar: If they’re hot, sometimes I agree…

If you were Spice Girls, what would your Spice names be?

Talal: Posh Spice Hatem: Weed Spice Mohamed: Hash Spice Omar: Shab Spice

Do drugs play a big influence in creating your music?

Hatem: Half the band, yes, the other half, no. Can you guess which half is which?

Do your parents support what you’re doing?

Hatem: My parents do. Mohamed: Mine were only convinced recently.

Would they mind if you gave up school to follow a career in music?

Mohamed: My dad wants me to go to med school so…

Who is the Robbie Williams of the band?

Hatem: What is Robbie Williams?

You don’t know who Take That is?

Hatem: I do of course but I don’t get what his role in the band is…

Basically if you’re the cunt of the band…


If Morsi paid you a million pounds to sing the Ikhwan anthem would you do it?

Omar: The bands name is BANDETTA, so obviously not…

Ah, so you are called Bandetta because you like David Guetta?

Talal: It’s from V for Vendetta

So you’re bandits…

Mohamed: Yeah, exactly.

Nasabeen ya3ni? *silence*

So what are your curfews?

Hatem: Why you want to take me out?

Haha, good one. Let’s hear one of your originals then…

*They sing So Long. Just audio for now, video will be up shortly.*

Catch Bandetta live on Christmas Day at Grizzly Diner’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Book your table using by clicking hereFor more information on Bandetta, join their fan page here and follow@BandettaMusic on Twitter. To keep up-to-date with the delicious goings on at Grizzly Diner, join their fan page here and follow @GrizzlyDiner on Twitter.