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Back in the Mix

Brother Tito of the Nacelle cult movement is once again resurrecting our much beloved Nacelle House Sessions.

After a long sabbatical from house music shenanigans and taking time to revive  the funk, soul, jazz and blues movement for an otherwise musically-challenged Cairo audience, Brother Tito of the Nacelle cult movement is once again resurrecting our much beloved Nacelle House Sessions. The vagabond of the club night world is once more moving to another forgotten Cairo venue and I’m sure taking his army of dancing music loving lemmings with him.

Tomorrow, Friday 9th November, get ready for the Nacelle Houses Session comeback at the Pharaoh-nically decorated Nile side venue: The Nile Pharaoh Boat. This night will feature none other than Aly motherfuicking B, otherwise known as the greatest DJ in the world.

Aly B lives in a cave and will rarely be seen out during the day as it’s rumored he’s allergic to the sun. It’s also been said that instead of food, Aly is sustained by eating iPods. He has never slept in his life and at the tender age of 12, his lungs were replaced with a Pioneer DJM-350 two channel mixer allowing him to breathe music rather than just play it.

Aly B will be joined by Hisham Zaharan, otherwise known as the master of deep, nu disco,  house beats. Some people say that deep house started in the 1980s, initially fusing elements of jazz-funk and touches of soul music with lounge vibes giving a smooth melodic sound, hard driving beats with complex chords underlying it’s sequences. These people are idiots.

Hisham Zahran actually invented deep house by one day purchasing a shovel from Carrefour, then proceeding to dig a hole so deep it reached the earth’s core. At the bottom of this monumental ditch, he found a sparse and truncated house constructed entirely out of musical notes. Hisham cautiously reached out opened the door and stepped into the house.  A sound rose from the hole and consumed the world around him. That sound was deep house.

So, Friday 9th November, the return of Nacelle House Sessions at the Nile Pharaoh Boat featuring Aly B and Hisham Zahran! Need I say more?  Yes: omnipresent!