Friday March 31st, 2023
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Battle of The Bands Round 2: ShutterGlass vs Haraket Watar vs Atlas Ensan

Three more bands ready to bash and clash in the second round of Egypt's Battle of the Bands.

Staff Writer

Over last weekend, the big Battle of the Band: Round 1 showdown which we all were waiting for happened (and kicked ass). Now we come back to you guys with the announcement which all you music geeks have been ardently waiting for. Three more rockin’ bands will be taking the stage at Gardenia Gardens, Ras El Bar, on August 18th for round 2. Want to know who will be behind the guest performance? None other than shaabi kings themselves Oka  & Ortega providing support and inspiring the three upcoming bands, ShutterGlass, Atlas Ensan and Haraket Watar, with how far dedication and musical vision can go. Now that things are getting serious we’re super psyched on presenting to you these talented musicians.

Atlas Ensan 


First on the list is Atlas Ensan starring Mostafa, Nagham, Hassan, Hussein and Abdalla all falling within the 22-27 age group. These lovely lads (and lady) dabble in rock and are endlessly passionate about music. They’re particularly enthusiastic about the competition and tell us “it’s great what it’s doing, never was there a competition for bands primarily and not singular talents. It helps promote the unconventional idea of a band in Egypt, it’s all about good music and putting the spotlight on underground music that society isn’t exposed to enough.” They really hope to reach more people, especially those who are like-minded and as curious about the various facets of humanity as they are.


Changing things up with progressive rock and alternative influences are none other than Ahmed Mosaad, Youssef Harraz, Yehya Radwan, Ali Labib and the lovely Maryan Nouhy who make up ShutterGlass (age group 20-25). Now we don’t want you guys to judge us but we totally stalked them on YouTube and we cannot say enough about Nouhy’s irresistible voice. The band which was founded originally 2012 underwent many changes, one of which their name which used to be Tender Rage. Mosaad tells us that they see Battle of the Bands as an opportunity to expand but also, they’re looking forward to meeting other bands, competing, and most importantly, reviving the rock scene!

Haraket Watar

Last on the list but never least is none other than Haraket Watar. Big, passionate fans of music and making it together, Kerollos, Fares, Mohamed, Mostafa and Anis tell us “we like the competition and it has plenty of talented and diverse bands presenting different genres, which is interesting”. The story of how this band came to be is also fascinating: some of these gentlemen were taking their thanawaya amma exams together when there were auditions for Arabs Got Talent mid-exams. “We decided to go nonetheless, took a bus and prepared our music on the way. It turned out well, we made it to the final rounds in the competition, however, we were eliminated. So when we got home we made a band and others joined in.” Their unique twist definitely lies in the fact that they have omitted the beloved tradition of including vocals and their music is solely instrumental.

Check out the Facebook event page here

Photography by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.