Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Beach Dwelling Hippies Rejoice, You Can Party Barefoot at Club House Gouna’s Easter Beach Blowout

Dance till you drop at Gouna's Club House at Barefoot next Saturday which boasts a stellar lineup, including Aly B, Kidmims, Akladios, Mazen Hamdy, and Coco.

Staff Writer

The beauty of spring and summer lies in the magnificent time spent barefoot on the beach. Our estranged bohemian selves shine and tend to affect our entire conduct, from our walk, to our tone, and voice, we let our inner free spirits loose.

Basically, when we are in Gouna we spend our time partying, be it day or night, we go wherever we can find the loudest speakers and best lineups - when we heard of a party called Barefoot happening at the Club House from 8 PM to 3 AM on Saturday the 15th, we tossed away our dancing shoes and declared the arrival of hippie season.

Featuring Mazen Hamdy, Akladios, Kidmims, Aly B, and Coco on the decks - the party has several styles of music covered. The party is being hosted by Akladios herself, the girl knows her way around the nightife/entertainment industry, we're confident in her ability to put on a good show. With all that said, you can rest assured that your Easter super fun times are in safe hands at Barefoot in El Gouna next Saturday.

Find Barefoot’s event page on Facebook here.