Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Mohab Ramadan: Beautiful Farewell

23-year old music composer Mohab Ramadan is full of surprises. His latest track 'Beautiful Farewell' is bound for immortality.

Staff Writer

It all starts with some piano notes that are so gentle, and sweet, but before you know it, within no more than three minutes, you are pleasurably overwhelmed with a beautiful storm of emotions that take a hold of you for a while, leaving you speechless and mesmerised, yet feeling warm and safe.


The track somehow captures an infusion of world heritage and contemporary Egyptian cosmopolitanism. The notes and the incredibly tasteful blend of powerful instruments, from the piano, to the violin, to the cello, to tabla and sagat, reflect the mind of a musical genius in the making. He has, over his mere 23 years of life, stored a massive amount of music from various genres, absorbing it into his blood, and letting his mind play around with it, only to create an ingenious arrangement of notes and instruments that work together in such harmony, you can’t help but hold your breath.

Beautiful Farewell is indeed beautiful in every sense of the word. It is like an original score for the beautiful Egyptian film that is yet to be made. We can’t wait for this composer to compile a list of more compositions and actually release them in concerts and records, and hopefully scores for many beautiful films over many years to come.

Now put on your headphones and listen.