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Beauty & the Beat

If you made it to the last 4TheLoveofHouse party at Tamarai, you’ll already know that Croatian beauty, Natalia Barbin, is a musical force to be reckoned with.

A seasoned spinner, Natalia Barbin has been all around the wold, spreading…well, spreading the love of house! We caught up with the blonde bombshell to find out exactly what makes her tick…

When did you get started as a DJ?
About 5 years ago and now I’m a full-time DJ and LOVING it!

How did your first show go?
It was very exciting, I was the warm-up DJ for Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia. It was really cool: a lot of people and a lot of fun. I knew Steve & Seb from before, so we had a really good time.

What was your favorite show and why?
I really loved the gig I played in El Gouna almost 2 years ago. It was and all female line up with Mayounah, Ashibah and me! We made history in Egypt since this has never happened before.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor venues?
Outdoor is my favorite, it gives me a whole other feeling!

What did you think of your last show in Tamarai?
It was amazing, so many wonderful people were there and it had a really good vibe! I love Cairo!

How do you feel about the House scene here in Cairo?
I think it is very good! I love deep house and I can tell that the scene here is awesome! I went to some parties during my stay in Cairo last week, for example Cairo Jazz Club – it was so cool! I get very inspired by the culture here! As I said before; I love Cairo!

How does it feel being a female DJ who spins better than most guys?
Haha! I don’t think “spinning better” is about being male or female. It’s about love and passion for the music and all the feelings you get from it and create for the crowd. But of course, I get a lot of attention since I’m female and there are not many of us. But I love the attention so I’m not complaining!

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