Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Besworx: Audistory Chapter One

We take a listen of the newly-launched local record label's first compilation EP, bringing together the sounds of their budding signed artists.

Staff Writer

Student DJ finalist Gaser kicks off the Besworx's debut EP with Satin. The newly-launched label's first release brings together highlights from their signed artists; a sort of journey into the minds of the pros behind it. The intro is somewhat superflous, somewhat grandoise but ultimately a foreword; the first sonic footprint of what is set to be one of the first really significant Electronic labels in Egypt to support the kind of productions you should be - or will be - listening to on a Thursday night... or early Friday morning.

A hovering, nomadic synth sounds sweep back and forth until landing into a no-nonsense, hopping sub-bass and one catchy hi-hat routine for perfect head-nodding bait. Whilst we were maybe hoping for the track to get harder, the keys towards the end give in to a more emotive climax.

Chiati comes in next with Rise. A delicate, caliginous eight-minute Techno effort. The rise itself may not grab the attention of a crowd of midnight hungry ravers, but the track takes a heavy turn around 4:00 with an apocalyptic, psychedelic bass-line and haunting sample loops that'd induce dance-floor-eyes-closed-psychosis. 

By the time you reach co-founder Mohey's Borderline you begin to get a real sense of where the label is going. Hard-hitting, no nonsense, ominous, dance music. The track's standard 4x4 beat is complimented by a non-stop arppegiated synth and the same knack for drawn out melodies we hear throughout the EP, interjected by ghostly reverberations.

Finally Highs and Lows produced by Mohey and another of the labels soldiers, SLim Nasr, never quite reaches the highs it promises. It is a decent Techno track, often times finding too comfortable home in monotony, building up nicely whilst not relatively exciting.

Overall, it's a very impressive first outing for the label. If we were to rate Audistory out of 5 bamias it would get a solid 3.47 bamias. We can't wait to hear more releases but, more so than that, to hear these tracks on a Cairo dance floor.

Have a listen to the demo tracks below or purchase the full EP on Beatport here.

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