Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Between Soundscapes - Recording Friction

What happens when mazzika meets musik? We’re about to find out as Egypt's Abdullah Minyawi and Mahmoud Refaat collide with Germany's Person Francis and Carl Gari...

Staff Writer

A German and two Egyptian go to a studio with their guitars. Suddenly, a fairy appears. She asks the trio to play their best tunes… what sounds like the beginning of a stellar joke is becoming reality on February 4th, when German musician Person Francis, along with the band Carl Gari from Munich, arrive in Cairo to mix their sounds with renowned Egyptian musicians Abdullah al-Minyawi and Mahmoud Refaat. Locked in a recording session for eight days, they will explore what happens when those crazy Germans play along with Shaabi music or Sufi tunes.

Entitled Between Soundscapes: Recording Friction, the project spearheaded by Germany's Goethe Institut, which encourages German culture to be carried around the world, invited the most German sound they could find to collide the most Egyptian sound. Most of us can imagine what babies look like if they have an Egyptian mother and German father, what Sauerkraut would taste like alongside kofta and what happens if an Egyptian girl hits the streets of Cairo in a ridiculously revealing German Dirndl, but what happens when mazzika meets musik? We’re about to find out…

On February 11th, all musicians involved will present the finished product that will also be released as a studio album at 100COPIES music space. On top of that, Carl Gari will play an individual set on February 10th at Vent, so everyone will be able to assess how much the encounter with Egypt and its musicians has influenced the Bavarian band.