Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Be Part of Black Sabbath's Legacy, Have your Picture Taken and Displayed in an Exhibition in the UK

Show up Saturday, November 11th at Darb 1718 for a photo shoot celebrating the earth spanning legacy of Black Sabbath.

Staff Writer

Next Saturday I will once again have the exciting opportunity to be at the helm of the second installment of an amazing event: photographing metal fans from all walks of life in Egypt, especially those who are Black Sabbath die hards. The photoshoot is part of an international initiative that will result in an exhibition of fan photos from around the world to be held in Birmingham - Black Sabbath’s hometown in the UK - in 2018, with involvement from the band itself.The band may not be coming to Egypt, but the fans who have their photos taken will forever be part of Black Sabbath’s history. The next photoshoot day will be on Saturday November 11 at the exhibition space of DARB 1718 in Cairo. What’s more, for this second installment, a few international musical legends will be present to have their pictures taken as part of this project that is titled 'Home of Metal'.

I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up to take photos of fans the first time the event took place last week. The reaction on social media platforms that announced the event was quite intense, certainly bigger than what I had expected...but last week’s event started quietly. My good friends came, got their pictures taken, hung out for a little bit and left. Then, about 6 people followed, who were either fans of my project, known as NADER SADEK, or the bands I had brought to Egypt before. I wondered, where are all the old schoolers? My own audience may be those who are into black, thrash and death metal, but in the end, Black Sabbath are the ones who started it all. No one would ever call Led Zeppelin, The Doors, or Pink Floyd heavy metal bands, but what set Sabbath apart the most from them was not the music as much as the themes and artwork that came along with it; the seemingly Halloween-inspired imagery, which included witches  and goblins, dark underexposed or blurred imagery and themes of war and oppression - the rest is history. A few hours later, my hopes were realized. It started with a man in his 40s who came in with his son.

He was wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt and he was obviously very proud and mentioned how he had come from afar for the photo session. He left and more and more people started to come in, and my fear that people were afraid to come was reduced. I received many messages that people really wanted to attend but couldn't for one reason or the other, and asked if a follow up event could be arranged. So by popular demand, we are offering the opportunity again. Black Sabbath fans, show yourselves and unite! Cement yourself in their legacy and become part of their history! Come as you are, or dressed up in your favorite Metal garb. The event is free and open to all. 

For more info check out Home Of Metal's event page here.