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Blufrank: Midi(s) // Feelings Installed

Blufrank is back again with a new single and as per usual, the young producer's sound is refreshing and distinctive...

The always refreshing Blufrank has come out with a debut double A side single Mid(s) // Feelings Installed, peculiarly a prequel to March's 1185 or (How I Met Lumia).

The young producer once again crafts his particular brand of dance music; a throwback to 70's Disco and early 00's French House with futuristic sound design all wrapped in an ear-catching rawness.

The single sounds like the build up to a Daft Punk hook, flittered with Afro-Beat drums and is 100% unavoidably danceable.

Whilst moving steadily along Blufrank's neon lit productions there's always a sonic anomaly or two that suddenly catches the listener's ear before throwing them back on the synth-driven path; a stand alone micro vocal sample, a quarter tone of silence, an unexpected percussion or drop in high end - it's these little quirks that give character to Blufrank's steadfast beats and melodies. 

Have a listen in full below:-

Check out Blufrank's SceneNoise profile here.