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Blurr Is Bringing Back Its Extravagant Cabaret Party Series with Amie Sultan

Cabaret 3al Terrace will mark the return of Blurr’s new cabaret nights for the year at Nineteen Twenty Five.

Locally beloved party imprint Blurr will be back to putting together oriental events on February the 24th. They’re re-launching their Cabaret Nights series from Nineteen Twenty Five’s terrace after they transform it into a proper cabaret with lavish and extravagant productions. The main attraction, however, won’t be the venue or the production alone, it’ll be the string of performances, throughout the series by arguably Egypt’s most inspiring, captivating, and controversial belly dancer in recent times - Amie Sultan. While the first instalment will be taking place at Nineteen Twenty Five, the party will take over a different venue for each edition, aiming to put together a Cabaret Night once a month. The ballerina-turned-belly-dancer is set to seduce the crowds and send them in a daze with every swing of her hips on Friday. This series will be a continuation between Blurr’s team and Amie’s former Cabaret events, which used to be held at The Temple. Set to perform at the event’s launch too, are the one of a kind DJ and production duo Disco Misr, who will be showing off their electronic oriental sets along with versatile DJ and veteran floor-filler Amr Hosny. 

We caught up with Blurr’s Coco Mokhtar and the purple-haired enchantress Amie Sultan for insight on what to expect. 

Coco Mokhtar

How did the idea for Cabaret come about?

Well, I always loved the vibe of oriental parties and wanted to bring it to people on a wider scale, we’re Egyptian, after all, and it's part of our culture.

Do you see the demand for such events growing? And why?

The demand is already huge to begin with, that’s because these parties attract a wider range of ages than House or Techno parties normally would. A bigger audience find it relatable and enjoyable.

What can people expect this time in terms of production? 

More of what we brought to our previous editions at The Temple; bright red banners, coloured light bulbs, classic cabaret signs, decor and much more. We will transform the Nineteen Twenty Five terrace completely.

Why has been Amie Sultan your performer of choice in the series?

I find that she’s very artistic at what she does and is very dedicated. She’s also very connected to the origins of belly dancing. She always gives the crowds a great show and the Cabaret events became one of her favourites to perform over time.

Amie Sultan

You’ve been dancing professionally for two years now, are you still the controversial engineer belly dancer or is it different now?

Well, the buzz around me changed from the engineer-turned-belly-dancer to the belly dancer that only dances for the rich, the heads of state, and royalty [laughs].

Do you have fun at Blurr events, why are they special? 

They’re always very open to new ideas and I like to introduce new concepts to my shows, whenever I can. Even when I come up with something that seems crazy, they manage to bring it to life and make it look amazing!

Do you have anything special prepared?

I always have something special prepared, but I can’t say [laughs]. Just expect a special reveal like with all Amie Sultan shows. 

Do you find the demand for oriental parties among younger crowds on the rise?

Yes. When I started, dancers were just being introduced into clubs, they weren’t really performing to the fullest extent of their talent. Given the preparations that were made, dancers would just come out and dance on small platforms at parties. But now it’s much more centred around the performer, which makes it appealing to younger crowds as the parties are constantly being held in clubs accessible to that demographic. But, still, the parties attract a broader range of people than most.

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