Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Boys & Their Noise

We catch up with young producers Aguizi & Fahim to find out how their innocent musical minds work...

Staff Writer

Because kids are the future, and the future of music in Egypt seems pretty bright at the moment, SceneNoise will be doing its best to put the spotlight on talented, young musicians who have yet to break through into notoriety. That way, when they become hugely famous one day and don’t answer our phone calls, we can say you heard it here first.

This week the spotlight is on über-talented House music producers Aguizi and Fahim. It’s not much of a surprise that at such a young age, Youssef Aguizi, 18, has already got his hands firmly around the production game where many others his age are still messing about on Virtual DJ; his second cousin owns Pacha nightclub in Sharm El Sheikh. His sets have already featured on Nile FM and he’s released tracks with labels Tronic B7 Records and Digital Vinyl Records. Meanwhile, Yehia Fahim, 17, has been producing since the age of 6… At 6 years old we were urinating ourselves whilst playing Tekken on the original Playstation. Though he grew up surrounded by Classical music, from Chopin to Beethoven, he quickly found himself leaning towards Electronic music, strongly influenced by the European trance scene and releasing his first tracks in 2010. Together, they’re due to release their next track with Detox Records in May, so keep an eye out for the cheeky duo… 

What kind of music are you into?

Aguizi: Progressive and Deep House.

Fahim: Progressive House, Electro House, Trance, Chill Out, film scores and Classical.

What do the girls at your school think of the music you listen to?

Aguizi: Some of them think it’s khabt, and others hate it because it isn’t commercial.

Fahim: Mainly, they express it with a silly beat box sound that they think represents House music. But when they’re in the right mood, they like the music. 

Who’s your favourite artist?

Aguizi: Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia.

Fahim: Deadmau5.

Who's your favourite local artist?

Aguizi: Ouzo and Wetrobots

Fahim: Aly & Fila.

How do your parents like the idea of you becoming a musician?

Aguizi: They’re pretty cool with it actually, and they always support me.

Fahim: I’d use the word “excited”.

What are the obstacles you encounter as a growing artist in Egypt?

Aguizi: It’s pretty hard to get people to like your music especially in Egypt because different ages like different genres. Furthermore, the music scene doesn’t really help.

Fahim: The amount of people who can help you out is really limited. Also, the running cost of an Electronic music producer is quite expensive for someone of my age. I mean, in order to get your sounds to sound BIG, you’ll need to buy very expensive equipment and tools. I had to break my piggy bank more than once.

What kind of equipment do you own?

Aguizi: Pioneer DJM 400, CDJS 400 for mixing and Ableton Live for production.

Fahim: A DAW on the laptop, an Axiom 25, my TMA-1 AIAIAI Headphones and a Kaossilator Pro.

Where do you get the money to buy your equipment?

Aguizi: Mostly from my parents, but lately from the money I make at gigs.

Fahim: Presents and gifts from my family.

What do you think of the music scene in Egypt?

Aguizi: I think the music scene here in Egypt doesn’t really give the opportunity for young talents to rise, but now it’s starting to. Competitions like Red Beats last year and this year’s Student DJ Program are helping out.

Fahim: It’s damn sad that we have endless talents hidden away only because we don’t like their music.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Aguizi: I really don’t have a clue, but we’ll see!

Fahim: Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be an artist recognised by Dance music fans.   

Keep up to date with Aguizi & Fahim on their Facebook page here and follow @Aguizi and @YehiaFahim