Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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CJC Becomes Cairo Grunge Club?

Quite the controversial character, Jordanian-Palestinian Jowan Safadi debuts at Cairo Jazz Club bringing his scathing lyrics and dark melodies with him this Saturday, April 19th. Find out why one of his live performances got him imprisoned...

Staff Writer

Great news for any Arab Grunge/Indie rockers living in Cairo! The always electric Cairo Jazz Club continue their tradition of bringing interesting and controversial musicians to the heart of Cairo's music scene. On April 19th, the Cairo Jazz Club will be hosting Palestinian/Jordanian musician Jowan Safadi, to fill the night with a unique mix of Arabic Grunge and Lo-Fi Indie Rock music uncommon to these parts. The son of a carpenter that was born in Nazareth, Safadi's story, much like his music, is fascinating, as he has found himself thrown in prison for his passion. It isn't every day you hear of an acoustic gig resulting in imprisonment, but that is exactly what happened, a couple of years ago, when the singer/song writer showcased lyrics “insulting religion.”

Safadi is a rebel at heart, and is a well seasoned veteran when it comes to challenging culture norms, authority, and music. Lenzez, a former band he started, was made up of Israeli anti-Zionist musicians. “I never felt like my colleagues in the band were Israelis; they were leftists, and possessed a high level of political awareness. They refused to serve in the military and abhorred the occupation establishment,” Jowan told Al-Akhbar. They toured Israel, but there is really only so much fan base a band can generate when they challenge almost all norms simultaneously. His music is always well thought out, with lyrics sharper than knives, and grooves that guarantee to connect with those with a musical soul.

At times, Safadi sounds like grunge, while at other times his music is far more chilled out. So if you find yourself listening to Nirvana or whatever today's electro Indie band du jour, then your ears deserve to be taken to CJC for a sonic treat. Opening for Safadi is none other then the saxophone-led Nour Ashour Band who will provide their own brand of electrifying Oriental fusion, ensuring that the night will sound pleasantly diverse. This night is one to mark on the calendar. The last thing you want to hear, second hand from a friend who went, is that something absolute amazing and controversial went down, and with the reputation Safadi has garnered, it is a foregone conclusion that something will.

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