Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Caché: Cairo's Latest Music and Art Events

Intent on bringing back the true essence of Electronic music and its accompanying nightlife ethos, DJs, producers and party pros Klady and Aly B open up about their new venture...

Staff Writer

It seems that not a week passes by where we're not announcing not only big events for the usual players but new concepts as well. And, in all honesty, while some are better than others, some just get under our skin and fill us with excitement and anticipation, because on paper and conceptually they're just great. With that, we bring you one that seems to fall under the great potential category and that is Caché, the brainchild of DJs and producers Klady and Aly B. 

"We are trying to create a space where art and music would compliment each other in different ways. Promoting art through music and vice versa. The House music scene in Cairo has been growing rapidly and evolving and slowly moving away from the Pop/Deep House craze that took over the past few years. Party-goers and promoters are starting to realise that there’s more to it than just this. Now there’s audience seeking something different, and we are ready to present it and shape it together as we go along," says Klady who has been making waves as a DJ in London since 2007 as a solo DJ and as part Alif Grooves with Aggi. "Our artists bookings will reflect that; artists with more of a raw approach to House and Techno that would take us back to the roots and reasons why we listen to this music. In addition to booking main players, artists we all love and respect for long time, we will be also introducing up and coming artists from London, Berlin and Paris to name a few."   It seems that Caché will not have a set venue but will be moving around from spot to spot, and it won't have your usual Beatport DJs we've been seeing a lot of recently. With an idea this refreshing, our faith is restored in the dance music scene, and what assures our restoration is in the right hands is Aly Bahgat's involvement with the project. Bahgat needs to introduction really. But for those living under a rock, he has been the one responsible for making everyone shake their asses at some of Cairo's best nights. Bahgat wants to support the music heroes who stuck it out in their local scenes and didn't follow trends. "We're DJs who have been real troopers in their local scenes and we are personally excited about these booking more than anything. As mentioned earlier, art will be an important part of Caché through our online communication and during the events as we go along. We will be announcing some bookings very soon, and we will always be on the lookout for fresh local talents," he says, adding that they'll also be producing exclusive podcasts.

So yes, there are new nightlife concepts starting almost every week or so in Cairo, and yes, there is no shortage of venues or events where one can go out on any given night. However, the future of the scene lays with pros like these guys who put the music and your experience that goes along with it, first and foremost. The financial aspect we'd presume, to them, is just another factor, not the main factor. So seeing that translate onto the dance floor and into their bookings we're sure will shake things up.
"Iceberg #1"
by Angie Trentin

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