Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Cairo Calling

Tonight, in collaboration with the British Council, Rinse FM and 100Copies, London's Boiler Room welcomes Egypt's best-known Sha3bi artists for an exclusive party, introducing the UK to the sound of Egypt. Find out where you can watch it online...

Staff Writer

There is no denying that Egypt's Sha3bi music scene is rising and is rapidly becoming this country’s greatest musical export since Om Kalthoum. Need more proof? Well it doesn't get bigger than having London calling Cairo’s rising Sha3bi stars to the legendary Boiler Room for an exclusive party, set  to broadcast online, live this evening.

Collaborating with Rinse FM, a London-based Electronic music radio station, and Cairo-based record label 100 Copies, a label CairoScene loves and knows well, the Boiler Room presents the groundbreaking new programme called Cairo Calling. Supported by the British Council this programme and tonight’s event aims to fuse Cairo's mahraganat with London' electronic music scene.

KNKA (MC) - Shaimaa ElBanna (British Council) - Diesel (Producer/MC)

To celebrate this new artistic and cultural movement outside of Egypt, Cairo Calling is providing a platform for the pioneers of the Sha3bi music, a mixture of Egyptian folk music electrified and spliced to frenetic time signatures. Today, they will be featuring Egypt’s Figo, KNKA, Diesel and Sadat. Anyone who knows that the Sha3bi scene will recognise that these are some of Egypt's best-loved and talented musicians of the genre right now, and will be the perfect acts to properly introduce London to Egypt's musical youth movement. They’ll be teaming up with the UK’s Faze Miyake to fuse their music with trendy Electro sounds.

This is all going down tonight at the Boiler Room, a venue that is globally recognised and established in major cities around the world. If you want to watch Egypt bring it to London, then click here, as the show will be live between 6pm and 8pm Cairo Local Time.