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Cairo Jazz Club Harvests Some of Egypt's Best Talents in New Night Called Freshest Crops

This season's produce includes Azaar, Sabh, and A-Squared.

Dionysus has bestowed his blessings on our favourite local watering hole, and has provided them with an abundant harvestThe god of grape crops, wine making, and fertility - also known as the patron deity of theatre, ritual madness, and religious ecstasy - has taken residence at CJC, and bears his gifts. His endowment includes some very potent musical produce, handpicked fresh every time - with a new Spinning Wednesdays night dedicated to the momentous occasion, aptly named Freshest Crops.

The series is dedicated to new beginnings, abundance of talent, and newly acquired fresh sounds. One DJ set to make his debut, Azaar is on CJC's bill for the first time alongside Omar El Sabh, and A-Squared. The night as the name suggests is to celebrate fresh talent and sounds. Expect new names from the scene alongside the old players that abide by the wine god's favourite funky disco tunes and never ending rhythmic grooves. 

To give you a better picture of the entertainment that awaits you, the DJs playing this coming Wednesday provided us with two tracks each - check them out below. 


Omar Azaar is behind the helm at CJC for the first time. His music is an eclectic mix of slowed down deep house, mixed with groovy disco and spruced up with a touch of funk.

Omar El Sabh

Sabh spins a mean nu-disco set, he infuses it with deep house and down tempo electronica to wrap up his sound.


A-Squared is made up by Amr El Banna and Ali Ahmed, together they display two different styles. At times they play hard hitting club music, but lately they have been developing a much fresher sound, playing sultry house tunes and nu-disco mixes.

Check out Cairo Jazz Club's event page here.