Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Chill O’posite: The Latest Addition to the MENA Region’s Festival Circuit

Dahab is on the road to becoming a regional music hub.

Staff Writer

Our regional festival scene has been growing exponentially in the past few years, it is always a pleasure to see new endeavours taking place, especially when we see them happening right here at home. In the past few weeks, one name has been making the rounds within the South Sinai community. And the word around is that a new festival is in town going by the name of Chill O’posite. The founders are Jordanian, the location Egyptian, and the lineup consists of artists booked from the former two countries with additions from Lebanon. 

A play on words for the cunning ones among you tells about the type of vibes to expect. Chill and its opposite will both be in stock. Bands and artists playing chilled tunes, and DJs and live acts playing a more upbeat sound. With Chill O’posite you get both sides of the coin, chill parties and khabt parties - in other words you get to choose weather to go dancing in the mountains, or tanning by the pool.

Multiple venues are involved in the three day calendar from downtown locales, to mountainous destinations, and beach-front sea view pools - all powered by crystal clear sound and conceptual decorations to elevate the experience. In a nutshell, Chill O’posoite aims to be the premium dance music destination taking place in Egypt this coming month - here is their plan.The festival's organisers are well seasoned within the industry. Living in Amman, Jordan the owners - Yazeed and Osama - started organically, with their first involvement in show business coming in the form of a small music shop. After that they began offering dance classes, opening what many consider one of Amman’s leading dance companies - it’s all been music and entertainment since then.

Fascinated by the simplicity of Dahab, the owners found a major life lesson in the local way of life. Revisiting the town for over 10 years now, they decided it is about time they share their South Sinai experiences with the world. In what they describe as a weak regional scene, Chill O’posite is bent on empowering. A region strangled by borders and political turmoil, which Chill O’posite aims to transcend. The team tells us “We personally saw a strong genuine musical scene in the big cities of the MENA region, yet we never saw them combined together.” They continue “This is where Chill O'posite comes in, we see our countries as one country and one scene, we believe we can deliver a unique world-class experience through our own talents.”

In a region brimming with talent, never more so than in the electronic music scene, Chill O’posite stands to gather far flung artists under one roof/sky in an attempt to assimilate potential and deliver results comparable to what is going on in the world’s leading dance music destinations. Such an overwhelming task can never be accomplished alone, a multitude of different companies have been called on to handle the different aspects of the event. 

Chill O’posite are cooperating with The Office to take care of the flow of things, Jimirazz is taking care of all technicalities, Brainwash to deliver creative input, The Bear Travel & Events to take care of transportation between the countries, AFDM are taking care of delivering the festival to social media, a stroke of good luck resulted in an Overground showcase, and we here at Scene Noise will be covering the festival throughout its proceedings .

More info on Chill O’posite’s Facebook page here.