Friday December 1st, 2023
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Cloud 9 Music Festival Anounce the Final Wave of Performing Artists

Completing the line-up of 17 brilliant local, regional and international acts, the crew behind Cloud 9 have released the final few artists joining them for a Eid break to remember.

Staff Writer

Cloud 9 Music Festival has finally announced the last wave of artists to perform throughout the three-day seabound revelries with C31S39, an audio/visual collaboration between Islam Shabana and Cellar Door’s Amr Alamy, and Finrod who are to replace popular Experimental Rock band Portrait Avenue as they constitute the same members only pursuing a different project while their drummer is away; an exciting shift in anticipation there. Also added to the bill and bringing some culture to the Middle Eastern sands of Sinai are Looperia Project whose sounds incorporate a dynamic mix of African fusion, Gnawa, Sufi music and Chillout, as well as Neo-Psychedelic, Post-Disco producer and composer BLUFRANK bringing a rather dark and groovy flair to the festival.  Techno maestro DJ Onsy is also joining Cloud 9 Music Festival this year, playing Ambient, Drone IDM and acknowledged by aspiring and established Egyptian DJs alike, along with the up and coming electronic musician Gast whose abstract musical creations are quietly gaining momentum and a sort of cult following.

And now with a complete list of artists we can have a decent overview of the entire concept of Cloud 9 Music Festival where all the musicians as well as the DJs truly stand as legit composers and innovators; all experimental and uprising and vigorously motivated to challenge commercialism and mainstream music. The anti-radio generation of Egyptian-based artists along with a few neighbouring Middle Eastern and foreign guests are bound to inspire a wave of subgenres to emerge in the country. Cloud 9 Music Festival are hosting a spark of change in our society in our general outlook towards music, all the while instigating a long-overdue hope for musical diversity in the near future. We’re looking forward to being there, and proud to support their festival and mission. Only 8 days to go, and counting…

Check out Cloud 9 Music Festival's Facebook page here, and event page here.