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D-CAF's Insane Music Line-Up Covers Everything From Egyptian Indie to Danish Experimental

This years D-CAF insane schedule includes four magnificent music events, showcasing incredible artists from different parts of the world, displaying an eclectic diversity of genres and styles.

As far as many musically inclined folks are concerned, D-CAF's music program is one of the leading initiatives happening periodically within the country, portraying a rich and diverse selection of different styles and genres with artists from all over the world - in previous editions they [D-CAF] were able to curate insane line-ups, with local, regional, and international artists.

This year is no different, D-CAF continues to bring world music to Cairo's historic Downtown area, with a diverse selection of artists representing genres as far apart as Egyptian folklore and French hip hop to soul-satisfying spoken word. With so much going on we decided to highlight these unique happenings and some of the performing artists that you may or may not know.

Den Sorte Skole and Yassin El Tohamy (Egypt/Denmark) - Thursday 23 March - 8:30 PM - The GrEEK CampusDanish duo Den Sorte Skole bank heavily on vinyl samples, using them to piece together intricate sets, nearing experimental electronic music territories with an avant-garde sound that is hauntingly good - brought to you by the Danish Embassy in Egypt. D-CAF decided to pair them with Egyptian Sufi icon Sheikh Yassin El Tohamy at the same event. The award-winning Sufi chanting vocalist is not to be missed, a truly unique experience.

Made in Egypt: Contemporary Egyptian Bands Lineup (Egypt) - Friday 24 March - 7:00 PM - The GrEEk CampusMade in Egypt will feature four Egyptian bands that have been making waves through the indie scene within the country and in some cases beyond. Black Theama burst onto the scene in the late 2000s, successfully captivating the ears and hearts of listeners nation wide. RItza has been making waves lately, playing their take on electro/surfer-pop at different venues and concerts. Hawas have been defining Egyptian indie since their launch in 2014. While, Finrod have been dominating electronic down-tempo and ambient, delving deep into relatively obscure grounds for most music fans.

Project 99 (France) - Thursday 30 March - 9:00 PM - GrEEK Campus - BlackboxUtilising spoken word poetry and music, Marc Nammour, Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, and Jérôme Boivin's French/Arabic act is not what you may expect. The lyrics are deeply meaningful, and the performance itself will leave a profound effect on you - be sure to show up in smart casual attire, a bit on the serious side this one.

Amir Elsaffar (USA/Iraq) - Friday 31 March - 9:00 PM - AUC Falaki Theatre

Amir Elsaffar is an Iraqi/American multi-disciplinary musician and artist. His performances blur the lines between Middle Eastern music and Jazz, as he delivers his take on both genres without taking away from them, where some would argue that he's actually enriching both. The Chicago Tribune said this about Elsaffar "one of the most promising figures in jazz today." The 2013 Doris Duke Artist Award winner will be delivering one-of-a-kind cross-over Jazz set -  the only Jazz performance on D-CAF music bill this year.Each one of these events features a different musical theme with a diverse selection of artists all sharing one thing in common - outstanding artistic value and output quality. 

We know that some of you are only interested in the music, and mostly as Scene Noise so are we. However, if you decide to go to any of the above events, we seriously do advise checking out some of the other cool happenings taking place around the city's centre.

To secure your entry and find out more about these events go to D-CAF's music schedule on their website.