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Cairo Jazz Club hosted International Spanish deck dazzler Oscar De Rivera and local Deep House hero Tamer Auf for the second round of Dancestock! Here's what went down...

Sometimes I get sad and disillusioned by the level of contentiousness of the people that surround me in Cairo. I get depressed and disheartened by their shallow, superficial and contrived mentality. I decided not to stay in this world, I filled up the tub headed to the kitchen and grabbed the toaster, plugged it in to the shaver socket by the bathroom mirror, stepped into the cold water which ran a chill down my spine and closed my eyes, toaster in hand. As I was ready to drop it, a thought suddenly hit me and a feeling came over me like warm cashmere blanket  What the fuck was I doing? It was Wednesday! Dancestock was tonight at  Cairo Jazz Club featuring Tamer Auf and Spanish deck-dazzling sensation Oscar De Rivera. Epiphany! A reason to live!

I was thrilled to see local hero Tamer Auf opening up the night with his eclectic mix of deep house and nu disco tunes with slight tech-ish vibes. However, was rather disheartened by the fact his spinning partner DJ Tree was not in attendance. If you haven’t heard DJ Tree he has produced such hits as ‘Photosynthesis‘, ‘Phytoremediation‘ and ‘I am the Oxygen to Your Carbon Dioxide‘. Nonetheless, Tamer held his own and produced a set that coaxed the crowd into a series of shoulder-shaking, hand-clapping movements. It was a bit like the Charleston for House heads. Well done Tamer, well done indeed: when that funky deep house beat kicked in, for a moment I had forgotten about my attempted suicide earlier that night. Ahh escapism, how I love thee.


After much anticipation, smooth Spaniard Oscar De Rivera stepped up to the decks. ¡Es un hombre carismático! His energy and aura were spreading fast through the crowds at  CJC, as we all swarmed to the stage. Oscar was the Pied Piper of House beats, the crowd were the innocent children of Hamlin but, instead of leading them off a cliff to there imminent death, Oscar lead us all into a state of madness. ¡Que locura! He seamlessly mixed deep, minimal and even tribal house beats in a way that can only be described as some sort of Spanish wizardardy.

Dancestock is on at CJC every Wednesday, giving you a reason to live!

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