Monday July 22nd, 2024
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DJ AK to Host New Night 'Let Loose' at Cairo Jazz Club this Wednesday

A new night full of hip-hop, R&B, your favourite pop tunes, and so much more...

Staff Writer

DJ AK to Host New Night 'Let Loose' at Cairo Jazz Club this Wednesday

A new night is imminent at Cairo Jazz Club. Hosted by DJ AK, the new night called Let Loose is set to feature some of the freshest hip-hop, R&B, and pop tunes. In a sudden epiphany of epic proportions, DJ AK decided that the city needs a midweek night where people can come in let their hair down, have a good time, and most importantly - as the name implies - let loose. We know several similar nights already exist, but AK has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.When we contacted the prolific DJ, he told us, "Every DJ is usually confined to a certain genre, where the people coming in to see him are expecting to hear certain tracks; we are trying to break that stereotype." He continues, "When I sat down with the guys over at CJC, we brainstormed this idea based on the notion that sometimes people like to hear hip-hop, and pop, or house, or even Arabic songs in the same set. This is what Let Loose is all about."

What we can tell you is not to expect one of AK's exclusively hip-hop sets at all - matter of fact do not come with any expectations, as you might get anything from hip hop to house and every thing in between. Let's just say expect the unexpected...

Find CJC's event page here and follow them on Facebook for regular updates.