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Desperados Skyfest: Nacelle Warms us up for the Road Leading to Spanish Skies

Martin’s Beach at Bo Islands in Sahel with Chopstick & Johnjon, Musumeci, and a host of local talent for ten hours of nonstop party manoeuvres.

Would you be able to say that you have partied in the sky before? And we don't mean on a plane, rather in an open air balloon floating atop the most picturesque Spanish terrain, powered by some of the biggest DJs in the world. Well, some very lucky winners have gotten access, accommodation, and transportation courtesy of Desperados to attend El Row’s SkyFest, right outside of Barcelona.

Come Friday the 18th, Desperados are teaming up with Nacelle to offer you a taste of what is set to grow down in Spain, right here in Egypt - minus the hot air balloons. In a beach side pool, namely Martin's Beach Club, you will find yourself amidst the haze, soundtracked by topnotch house music, and fuelled by lots and lots of tequila flavoured beer.Berlin-based duo Chopstick & Johnjon make their way back to Egypt after a sensational night in Cairo at Nacelle’s legendary House Sessions. Musumeci hails from Italy carrying a deep/intense sound. Local live acts and DJs present will be Chiati, Hassan Abou Alam, Hashem, and The Meteors Project (live). How about that?So, ten hours of the best music, food/booze, sun/sea, and the unmistakable signature Nacelle vibe? Sounds like a plan to us.