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Dubzy Drops New Single 'Shuttle'

Local underground Hip Hop and RnB artist Dubzy joins forces with Cullenkyle and Ali Hafez to create his newest track, Shuttle.

Local underground RnB and Hip Hop talent, Dubzy, returns to the web with his blazing new single. Channeling the RnB sounds of the early 90s, Dubzy delivers a smooth track to Netflix-and-chill to.

Teaming up with Cullenkyle and featuring Ali Hafez, Shuttle is a collaborative effort that delves into the silky smooth sounds of RnB. Producing and providing the vocals is Dubzy, who delivers notes as though he was a descendant of Phil Collins. On the keyboards is Kyle Cullen, who manages to create the right kind of tonal atmosphere for an RnB track, with simple synth chords that break up into a simple melody to diversify from the monotony of the synth lines. Bringing a dynamic element to the mix is the introduction of Ali Hafez on the saxophone. Providing some choice licks on the sax reminiscent of Kenny G, Hafez’s contribution solidifies the track's desire to fit into the RnB genre.For some, the Shuttle will fall short, and for others the track will be a refreshing addition to a musical scene that lacks any semblances to this sound. Where it falls short is in the track's monotony, as it fails to provide any surprises or break up in the vocal melodies. The track would have greatly benefited from the addition of a rapper, as the vocals delivered sounds like a chorus that continues to repeat itself throughout the entire song.

As it stands, the track automatically stands out in the musical scene as very few and far between. If you are a fan of RnB, then chances are you will appreciate Dubzy’s latest, and should continue to follow his efforts as he jumps in his Shuttle, looking to become a musical star that explodes.

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