Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egyptian Producer Hannah.B's Latest EP 'Denied'

Egyptian producer living in Canada, Hannah.B, drops a fantastic three-track techno release.

Staff Writer

Hannah El Manawhly aka Hannah.B is a young Egyptian producer and DJ currently residing in Canada. We stumbled across her Soundcloud two years ago where we found a multitude of short releases boasting some very original minimal techno and micro house. The artist remains persistent in releasing quality music, with some very original ideas.Her latest release is a fantastic three-track contribution to the techno genre. It starts of with Levitate, a downtempo techno interlude track. A broken up drum line, percussions, and glitch sounds take the lead in this track. A vocal sample speaks to us in French, delayed and broken up at parts. The track utilises a simple bass line, repetitive, and very enjoyable.The second track, Denied, begins with a heavy bass line and percussions, where a fill brings in a kick drum and a vocal sample. The two and a half minute track proficiently delivers a dark, almost haunting vibe, where the artist utilises modulation effects and panning to dramatise the break which leads to a stagnant kick drum on the drop. With the drop, more modulation effects are used, and an industrial synth sound plays one shot stabs till the end. The track, in accordance with most of Hannah's tracks, is short, leaving you wanting more.The third and final track, Talbot, delves deep into experimental territories. Output quality is on fleek; the track utilises a broken up drum line, banking on some very peculiar one shot samples, glitch sounds, white noise, and the occasional synth stabs. It carries a distinct industrial sound, flaunting a dystopian theme. The four-minute track contains zero breaks, sustaining the drum line until the end.

Follow Hannah.B on Soundcloud here.