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Egyptian Production Duo Aguizi & Fahim's Faint Released on Iconyc Records

Production power houses Aguizi & Fahim are back with a release on New York-based label Iconyc.

The massive support that Aguizi & Fahim managed to garner here at home and from record labels and artists around the world is a surprising feat to have been accomplished in less than 4 years. Their success as DJs - being regular features in Egypt’s club circuit - goes hand in hand with their constant and relentless outpour of self produced tracks. On this release - published by New York-based label Iconyc - the duo utilise some interesting synth work, alongside a progressive beat that starts out subtle, but goes into overdrive with the first drop.A repetitive vocal sample is the highlight of the track, accompanied by rising pads that give off a dystopian vibe. The track progresses subtly with a lead melody and bass line playing relay. The track breaks, continuing through to the initial drop, a kick and bass heavy formation, with what sounds like modulation effects on the vocal. The release is a well rounded progressive house track, a great edition to Aguizi & Fahim’s rapidly expanding discography.

Check out Aguizi & Fahim on Facebook here and follow them on Soundcloud for more tunes.