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Electrum Records: Dispersions 001

The DJing pioneers are bringing back Dispersions; a series of House sets designed to spotlight young, local talent. First up, Hatem El Chiati...

Having created an undeniably successful musical conveyor belt, churning out some of Egypt's most popular DJ talents, Electrum Records are bringing back Dispersions; a series of House sets highlighting Student DJ graduates' work and beyond. For volume one, the massively talented Chiati puts together a monster set that wastes no time in getting some grittiness into your soul. Inspired by dark after-hours, Techno Dispersions 001 is bassy, eclectic and atmospheric, filled with industrial glitch elements that picks up pace towards the end, featuring tracks from Francys, Hearthug and more. Disclaimer: To be played in a room full of people past 1AM.

Electrum Records will be releasing Dispersions weekly with some great names line up including Man-O, Anis, Fahmy, Aguizi & Fahim, Gawdat, Gaser, Nour Fahmy, Marwan Akl, Bipolar-D, Kidmims, Moenes, Azaar and Justa Panda.

Listen to Dispersions 001 below:

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