Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Encoded: Desimana to Host Romanian House Music Pioneer Barac in Cairo this Weekend

Barac, Jorg, and Bash on the bill for Encoded, Desimana's latest project, happening tomorrow, Friday 24th.

Staff Writer

Within the past month, a new player in the underground events scene has been able to reinvent the local party experience. Desimana's brand stands for design + management, something that they have been known to excel at.

Maged AbdelMessih and Jorg El Dahr have been pioneering underground dance music events in Egypt lately, with new technology that has never been utilised in Egypt before and applying a unique visual/lighting design for every gig.

Their curatorial taste has been spot on so far; be it the local DJs playing at their gigs or the international guests they invite over. Their last event with Uvar label boss Sepp, at a secret garage in Downtown Cairo, was an ultimate success. This time around they're hosting Romanian dance music sensation and Moment records label boss Barac, at a loft overlooking Cairo's urban sprawl - we can't reveal much more about the location, but here is a mock-up of the place.
Growing up amidst the musical giants of Romanian minimal, Barac was quick to separate himself from the pack. In a scene that frowns on melodic lines and emotional instrumentation, favouring minimal rhythmic loops and bass lines, he was able to break the mould and add certain melodies without jumping off the minimal bandwagon.

In an interview with Resident Advisor he stated, "With me, at the beginning, I was only focusing on making people dance — boom, schhhh, boom, schhhh." Now, through his own label Moment, Barac has been focusing on minimal music that will make people dance, but can still connect with the crowd on an emotional level. 

Also on the bill is Lebanese-born, Montreal underground music veteran, and Desimana co-founder Jorg. His music is crisp, his records are fresh, and his style is that of a true house music connoisseur. He incorporates into his sets remixes of classic tracks — repackaged in a sleek, modern fashion, that will leave you shivering in your place as you remember the early days of dance music.

Bashar Galal, a.k.a Bash, will be on warm up duties, and his music is perfect for the task. An eclectic mix of house, leaning towards a minimalistic approach. Bash has been basing himself in Berlin over the past couple of years, where he plays regularly at local clubs, mingling and rubbing elbows with some of the industry's finest.

Desimana so far have been able to continually top themselves with each event, this one doesn't look to be any different - shaping up to be their biggest endeavour yet.

To find out more about the event, request to join Desimana's Facebook group here.