Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Find Out Your Egyptian DJ Name

Answer a few questions and find out your Egyptian DJ name...Yes, it really is that simple.

Staff Writer

First find your prefix based on whether you voted yes, no or abstained in the constitutional referendum:

Abstained: DJ

Yes: Mr.

No: Mix Master

Secondly, choose the day you were born:

1 Koshary

2 Bateekh

3 Tuk Tuk

4 Gabal

5 Cruzat

6 Giza

7 Batata

8 Saye3

9 ESbeaker

10 Labwa

11 Basterma

12 Ersh

13 Bawab

14 Ronaldo

15 Fanan

16 Soot El

17 Tramadol

18 Negm

19 Eminem

20 Dance

21 Kaboria

22 Masaken Sheraton

23 Fashion

24 Style

25 Man

26 Bamia

27 Mama

28 BolBol

29 Balad

30 Masr

31 Robebekya

Lastly, match your month of birth a flash word:

Jan Mega

Feb Nitro

March Lightening

April Waves

May Fire

June Laser

July Euphoria

August Zoom

September Splash

October Blaze

November Handsome

December Cosmo

Add all three together and that's your Egyptian DJ name. Go on you, superstar, that's half the job done! Now go and learn to press some buttons and comment with your new DJ name below so we know to look out for you on the decks.