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Four Tet Made a Playlist of Music Coming Out of Countries on Trump's Travel Ban

In response to Trump's ban of certain nationalities traveling to the USA, UK-based producer Four Tet made a playlist of music coming out of those countries.

UK artist Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet just made a playlist of music coming out of the countries Trump listed in his travel ban. In it he included songs by Syrian singer Omar Souleyman, saying via Twitter that he remembers recording a song with the artist in a basement in Brooklyn, and stating that under this new ban such a collaboration cannot happen again.

Aside from Omar Souleyman, Hebden added songs by Iraqi artist Rahim Alhaj, Iranian artist Martik, Somali artists Abdullah Kirshi, Ahmed Sherif, Hussein Shiekh, and the Radio Mogadiscio Swahili Singers, Yemeni artist Naji Barakat, and several others. The whole world is protesting the Trump travel ban, and it's nice to see Four Tet doing it in his own way.

Follow Four Tet on Twitter here and Soundcloud here.