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Select 016: Fresh Minimal Cuts by Upcoming DJ/Producer Hannah B

Toronto-based Egyptian artist Hannah B delivers a phenomenal minimal set.

Egyptian born, based between Toronto, Novi Sad, and Cairo, Hannah B is one of our country's most promising electronic talents. Her Soundcloud account is dotted with some of the most intelligent productions we have heard coming from an Egyptian electronic artist to date. Following her latest release, we couldn't help but wonder if the talented producer could also DJ. Our question was promptly answered.The set starts off slow, the intro is shortly lived though. The first track, Nepemora and Rhythm Box's Dienta de Leon gives away Hannah's approach; much like her productions, the set is adopting a minimal theme. Second track in and Hannah and can't get enough of the Nepemora, Rhythm Box team, and rightfully so - the number of premium quality releases both artists put out last year is astounding, hitting all the right spots.

The rest of the set is all very compelling; Hannah drops several more noteworthy tracks, most notably London based artist Dale Cornish's Before Encore off his latest EP Clap on British record label Where To Now. Hannah ends the set with Bruno Pronsato's iconic 2005 release Open Your Eyes, displaying her crate digging skills. A superb set, hopefully one in more to come.

Follow Hannah.B on Soundcloud here.