Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Hassan Abou Alam: Invisible Landscapes EP

Taking an unexpected turn from the Techno and Minimal House beats he's become known for, the young DJ/Producers has just dropped an impressive new EP. Take a listen here.

Staff Writer

Moving away from the Minimal House and Techno that we've grown to know and love coming out of boy wonder Hassan Abou Alam, the DJ/Producer has blown us out of the proverbial waters and into a sea of melancholy with his latest, left-field two track EP. Released on Midi Life Records, Invisible Landscapes kicks off with the title track; an infectious down-tempo beat, 808 drums rumbling emotively through a repetitive weeping string that gives you the impression of longing for something untouchable, before a fluttering arpeggiated synth carries the listener into a dream-state. The second track Generative Dialogue is equally dark and expansive, whilst minimal in form. Faint hi-hats churn behind a subtle wobble bass whilst a funky piano melody chimes in sporadically giving the track a free-flowing groove. Listen to Invisible Lanscapes in full below... 

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