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Hassan Abou Alam Remixes Nine Inch Nails

Check out the prodigal young producer's latest release...

Watching Hassan Abou Alam's career blossom has been somewhat of a pleasure for us here at the SceneNoise headquarters, from his numerous Techno-tinged releases to his more abstract experimental ambient soothing soundscapes. Abou Alam is definitely a producer first and foremost that you cannot pin down to a specific genre. Although Techno has been more or less the defining sound and our favorite field in which we always hear him excel, his other productions are just as well planned and thought out; they also make our heads turn and ears open.

In his latest endeavor Abou Alam has remixed the track Vessel by Trent Reznor's one-man industrial-rock band Nine Inch Nails, whose symphonic noise and intense, alienated lyrics have attracted millions. Abou Alam's approach or retake on the matter is very fitting to the industrial roots of NIN, while still maintaining some of Abou Alam's lo-fi, distorted Electronica that defines his computer generated bleeps and clicks.

The best is yet to come; DJs rejoice, as this release is a free download, so if you're looking for a little something different in your sets, head on over to his Soundcloud page and give this remix a listen and indulge in Abou Alam's generosity. Take a listen to the release below.


You can check out Abou Alam's Facebook page here.