Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Hassan Ramzy & The Brass Knuckles: Bringing the 90s Back!

Get ready for a night of live music you can't help but sing along to at Cairo Jazz Club.

Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 22, the sound of Oasis, The Cranberries and Nirvana is no longer a distant memory but the oh so present reality. The Brass Knuckles, resident fun-bringers, revive the 90s and bring all the classics back that made the decade the era of Punk and Rock music at Cairo Jazz Club. And because it's Thursday night there is no excuse to not rock all night.

Hassan Ramzy will set a light tone in the beginning of the night, allowing you to find the perfect spot and enjoy beautiful acoustic Pop songs while you try and forget about the stressful work week. As Hassan Ramzy finishes his set, the Brass Knuckles get ready to shake the work blues away as well, punching their guitars, bass and drums to create a firework of beats. Lead singer Timmy Emad sings his heart out like there's no tomorrow, and since the 90s anthems they play are immortal classics, so will you. Don't make plans for Friday that will require for you to have a voice. 

For more information click here, or just show up on Thursday, January 22nd, and allow yourself to get your world rocked.