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Hernan Cattaneo: On Musical Inspiration and What Makes a Great Party

Ahead of his gig tonight at Theater of Dreams' big party at Le Pacha 1901, we speak to the man of the hour; the Progressive House Legend himself...

Ahead of his triumphant return to Cairo tonight, at the latest nocturnal affair put on by the tireless Theater of Dreams crew, we talked to the iconic Hernan Cattaneo the moment he landed in Egypt last night, fresh off the plane from his native Argentina. Having only played in Egypt once before, 10 years ago, we find out what the Progressive House legend he has in store for Cairo's hardest partiers tonight...

First of all we’d like to express how excited we are about you coming to play again in Egypt! What do you think are some of the differences that you will witness here in Cairo dance music scene now as opposed to your visit 10 years ago? How have some of the international scenes you gigged at frequently changed over the past years?

Well, I think club music is now much more established all over the world, and I expect the same in Egypt. I know many big name DJs now playing gigs in Egypt and also local producers making some really good music as well.

You've been in the music industry for decades. How are things different for you now compared to when you started?

Experience is crucial for any performer. I've been playing almost every week for a long, long time and that puts you in a very nice position regarding how you face the crowd.

What has kept you going at moments when you wanted to quit?

I never wanted to quit actually, thanks to the face that I really feel heavily supported by a great fanbase all over the world. It's a great privilege to have such loyal friends every where I go and I always feel happy to share my music with them.

What does your DJ performance setup consist of now?

I use three Pioneer CDs with USBs. For me, it is the perfect mix between analgoue devices and the digital world.

In your opinion what makes a great DJ? And what makes a great party?

A DJ's number one asset is his musical personality; you can learn to mix, or read the crowd, but your taste is what makes the difference. And so a great part consists of a good crowd, atmosphere and DJ and, if possible, a great soundsystem.

Who were some of the inspirations behind your career? And who are some of you favourite musicians and DJs today?

My musical inspirations are a big mix, from Pink Floyd to Michael Jackson. In terms of DJs I admire, Frankie Knucklles, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and John Digweed are some of my favourites. 

 If you were to give some advice to future and up and coming DJs, what would it be?

 Focus on what you like and find the best way to express it; don't follow any trends in music.

What should the people expect from your set at Theater of Dreams?

I'll play a bit of everything like I always do; I like deep, groovy and melodic music.