Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Hippies in the Desert

Egypt has seen some tough times in recent years but a group of positive minded party-goers have come up with a plan to make people smile again. It's quite simple really; peace, love and psychedelic trance...

Staff Writer

Now for those of you currently staring at the screen thinking - “What the actual fuck is psychedelic trance?”, we're glad you asked and we’re happy to tell you you’ve got nearly four months to prepare yourself.

Psychedelic Trance (or Psytrance to devotees) is a form of electronic dance music with its roots in Goa, India – the end of the hippie trail. Think bright colours, fast beats, psychedelic sounds, smiley faces with a big old dollop of peace, love and unity, maaaaaan.

The craze has swept the globe since the mid 90s with hedonistic Psytrance parties held regularly across Europe, Israel and South East Asia. And now one Dahab-based German native, Jannik Weber, and his Sun Network crew are hoping to bring the free spirited fun to Egypt.

The group has previously held two yearly festivals in an effort to promote the scene in Egypt and as they approach their third major event, they are already planning what they call a “psytrance revolution,” in a bid to unite war-weary Egyptians through music, parties and generally having a fucking good time instead of killing each other.

He told Cairo Scene: “Psytrance parties are all about bringing people together, people who would not necessarily socialise together and uniting them through positive music and good times.”

Jannik Weber at a previous Desert Dance event

“Our previous parties have been a huge success and the scene is definitely growing. Psytrance offers something different from anything else available in Egypt at the moment; our parties are all about people having a good time in a safe place.There is no aggression, no violence – we don't even need security for our events. It is just a really positive happy vibe.”

Following on the success of their previous events, the collective now plan to host Desert Dance – a three day non-stop festival in the area surrounding Dahab in March, 2014. Jannik added: “We will hold a three day party where everybody is welcome, we have some big plans including a free healing area, yoga classes and three days of excellent music.”

And the group even plan to take their brand of positivity to the capital. “We are really busy organising Desert Dance but we are hoping to organise an event in Cairo soon. We do it because we love it and it is something which definitely has the potential to grow and now is the perfect time for something like this Egypt.”

For more information check out the Desert Dance Dahab Facebook page here.