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House of Sebzz XV

After breaking onto the scene last year with a veritable band, we give you Sebzz' Limitless set so you can get your weekend started early!

It's been quite the ride with one Mr. Ahmed El-Sebai, AKA Sebzz. The club culture aficionado came out of almost complete obscurity last year and welcomed us all in to his house. We closed our eyes swaying in the living room, frantically ran upstairs fist pumping all the way to the roof and dove right into the deep end of his pool, miraculously coming out into an ocean where every wave was a new rush.

That is Sebzz' Limitless set, and having consumed Cairo's House buffs and party animals with his rhythmic, almost zen vibes we must now fairly bid adieu to the master empath behind the decks. But, this is just the beginning, Sebzz will be going off to New York and Dubspot to hone his production skills, and frankly we cannot wait to see what he conjures up. Till then, enjoy the finale of Limitless, and House of Sebzz…

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Artwork by Amira Mehrez