Friday April 12th, 2024
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IRISHsteirisch: Irish Folk Meets Austria

Cairo Jazz Club has never shied away from bringing unique and alternative forms of music to the forefront, and this band might be the most elaborate and interesting yet...

Staff Writer

IRISHsteirisch: Irish Folk Meets Austria

Ever wondered what Irish Folk Music would sound like when performed in German? This pressing question will be answered at Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday, November 8th when the Austrian ensemble IRISHsteirisch takes centre stage. Back in 2001, they were merely a group of musicians with instruments that did not match. Today, they have taken their unique sound that was a result of bringing all those ideas together abroad. What started as an experiment by seven musicians in an Austrian pub has now delighted audiences in Romania, France, China, Serbia and more to combine classical Irish folk sound with the sound of the Alps. IRISHteirisch are not afraid to break musical rules, exploring their sound past only one genre or one language. And that is what they will be doing at Cairo Jazz Cub this weekend when they share their stage with Us we Lazq, a band that explores various local sounds themselves.

IRISHteirisch does not settle for one sound. There will be bagpipes and fiddles as well as yodelers and accordions - not just in the same set but in the same songs. With harmonicas and basses on the one side and electric guitars and drums on the other, this night will feature sounds that can hardly be described as either Irish or Austrian but simply as World Music. Consequently, every music lover finds features in the broad range of sounds in this band's selection that appeals. Since 2001, the Austrian ensemble has played at big and small venues from Dublin to Salzburg and delighted audience that are as diverse as their sound. One day they play festivals attended by 60,000 people, the next day they return to their beginnings and play small pubs with an attendance of 60. For IRISHsteirisch the idea that music can explore any kind of taste is what matters, whether they are playing for small or big groups. They come to Cairo from Salzburg, Austria where they have already made a name for themselves to be a band that cannot be compared to any other.

This night promises to portray multiculturalism from a musical side. Only on first glance will those two bands and this wide range of musical influences appear to be culturally different until their musicality brings them together to create just one sound: music. One thing is certain: a sound like this has never made its way to Cairo before and should therefore not be missed.    

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