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Iraqi-American Artist Saeed Younan Releases New EP on Carl Cox’s Intec Imprint

Admired Iraqi/American DJ and producer Saeed Younan releases fresh music on Intec Digital.

Iraqi born, D.C. raised and based DJ/producer Saeed Younan is one of the most esteemed and admired names in the U.S. dance scene. Active since the mid 90s, he grew into a legend of sorts, playing all over the world, headlining events and creating his own, running Younan Music and getting listed in top 50 positions in charts like America’s Top 100 DJs for five consecutive years.

Younan drops his first release of the year through techno deity Carl Cox’s Intec Digital imprint. Carl had invited Saeed to play with him in Ibiza during the The Final Chapter parties of his residency at Space last September. He also joined the Intec family for a showcase at the BPM Festival in Mexico. His new release is a two track EP entitled Annihilate, his second on the label following the Funk Much Bigger EP in 2015. 

The EP’s title track is a 122 BPM rolling techno weapon. It starts off with a dark grumbling groove topped off with crisp snares - this combination continues for the good part of the first minute. A distorted vocal sample pops up in theme with the darkness of the intro repeating “annihilating rhythm.” The track continues developing in and out of powerful kicks to reveal the main break at around four minutes. The break is religiously techno, consisting of muffling the low end and completely removing the top notes and re-introducing them to build up again. Not much development happens beyond that point except the expected drop of the bass line established earlier. 

Though the release is mainly targeted towards the techno audience of Intec, the second track Pimp Slap takes on a much bouncier tech-house direction, faster and instantly recognisable due to its signature Saeed Younan percussion intro. The main groove is unmistakable and is accompanied by jabbing vocal snippets. A long, distinctive, wobbly synth lead aids the various build ups and drops of the track. The track carries the overall characteristic Younan vibe.

Head to Saeed's Facebook page for updates and check out his Soundcloud for more tracks.