Monday 5 of December, 2022
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It's a Mad World

Tennis player and engineer by day, music maestro by night, we find out what makes DJ MadLou so mad.

Staff Writer

This week we caught up with the brilliant DJ MadLou. The Alexandrian expert mixer has quickly established his name on the Cairo scene as well as spinning at some of the biggest clubs in Europe. He might sound like a party animal but, as we quickly realised, DJ MadLou – real name Loay Adel (tell everyone!) – is a wholesome man, all-round good guy, a professional bash-mohandis AND the 9th best tennis player in Egypt. We talk Pete Sampras, nipples and, yes, music, with the Jack-of-all-trades…

Is it really possible for a DJ to save your life… last night?

No, but it’s possible tomorrow.

Is God a DJ?

No, he is not.

When’s it going to stop, DJ?

In ike 7 minutes

Ok you just said that God is not a DJ, are you a religious man? How do you mix the haram of music with your spiritual side?

I don’t actually. I just do the haram stuff and ask for forgiveness.

Are you the world’s first DJ/tennis player?


Have you ever had an event where you’re DJing and playing tennis at the same time?

I had a racket once when I was spinning but it just didn’t work that well.

So we’ve heard your name is MadLou because you have a short temper. Have you ever lost it while you were mixing?

I almost did, once. Not while I was playing but during the party.

What happened?

Some guy was too drunk and wasn’t too nice, so I had to do the same.

Have you ever just punched someone’s skull into the ground until your knuckles are raw and there’s blood everywhere?

It was you, you don’t remember it?

Are you interested in teaming up with DJ Moody? You could be called Mad and Moody.

I have no idea who Moody is.

What’s the best club in the world?

Space Ibiza.

If the owner of  Space Ibiza said, “You’re very good, we want you to be our resident DJ for a million dollars a year but you have to give up tennis forever,” would you do it?


Who’s the best tennis player in the world?

Armin van Buuren.

Who’s the best DJ in the world?

Pete Sampras.

f tomorrow you could click your fingers and be as successful as Sampras, but you’d have to give up DJing, would you do it?

That’s a hard one. I would do it.

So essentially tennis is more important…

I’ve been playing tennis for 21 years and DJing for 6.

So these people who are hiring you to play at their clubs and spending their hard earned money are doing so while your heart’s not really in it?

My heart’s into DJing but when you compare it to tennis, it’s hard.

 So Pete Sampras is like, “Loay Adel, I’m taking you to Wimbledon center court, if you lick my nipple. No one has to know but me, you and Armin van Buuren who gets to watch.” Would you do it?

Who would I be playing?

Armin Van Buuren.

If Armin’s watching I can’t do it, it’s unprofessional.

What do you do as a 9-5?

8am – 4pm I work as a construction engineer. From 4pm – 10pm, I put my tennis face on. Then 10pm – 1 am, I put my DJ face on. I have a lot of faces.

It must be really hard balancing this very sporty life with this party life, which begs the question: what is your favorite Pokemon?

Pete Sampras.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life as a bash-mohandis?


If bash-mohandis Lou, Tennis Lou and Mad Lou got in a fight, who would win?

Mad Lou, obviously.

Who are your inspirations in Egypt?

I like a number of DJs like Omar Sherif, Misty, Amr Hosny and Samba.

Best and worst things about DJing in Egypt?

Best is that I party for a living. The worst is that I have to play commercial sometimes.

Worst gig?

Opium, without a doubt. There was just me and the doorman and some cats. The cats really liked the progressive part but the doorman was really annoyed.

Word association time. Pete Sampras…








Ayman Baki…


Semiramis Intercontinental…


What is your favorite dish at the Birdcage?

Salted crabs.

You’re playing at  Event Republic’s FFWD tonight. What do you have in store?

Well, last time things were perfect so when they asked me to do it again, I was like fuck it let’s do it.

Not a lot of people know that you don’t drink, why don’t you?

I stopped three years ago. I had an experience that changed a lot in me, it was an intervention.

What was the experience?

I had to kill Pete Sampras

A lot of DJs drink so they’re in the same mood as the crowd, does that affect you negatively?

I just need Red Bull and good house music and I’ll be as drunk as they get. Music does the trick for me.  I’m also a secret spy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Final words?

You don’t have to be drunk to have fun you just need to have really good connections with Pete and Armin.

Catch DJ MadLou on the decks tonight at Event Republic’s FFWD at Y Lounge and keep up-to-date with him on his Facebook fan page here or follow him @djMadLou