Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Italian Artist Claudio Curciotti's 'Hands on Synesthesia' Multi-Sensory Show

Pointing a fan and speakers at the crowd, while pointing the crowd to a projector, Italian artist Claudio Curciotti engaged attendees through sight, sound and even smell, at his 'Hands on Synesthesia' show at Darb 1718.

Staff Writer

Claudio Curciotti is the Italian artist that just spent three years of his life recording and preparing audio and video material for his multi-sensory show Hands on Synesthesia that just premiered at Darb 1718's Mazzika x Elsat7 program. Taking the audience on a journey through India, Nepal, Egypt, Italy, France and beyond, Curciotti utilises audio, video and even scent to take the crowd on a journey through places and cultures. He is also the man behind Field Abuse an online blog of human and non-human sounds that he records himself.

Facing the crowd armed with public announcement speakers, a projector, an Akai midi controller and different scents that he gathered during his travels through the Orient, Curciotti delivers track after track of Ethnic, Experimental, Electronic bliss; he sometimes calls it Eclecthnic (eclectic merged with ethnic), a term coined by the man himself to describe his obscure sounds.

Curciotti has been playing music for over 15 years, and all the audio/video material for the show is produced by him; even the samples he used in producing the audio were recorded by him, an outstanding feat that he managed to accomplish in under three years. He told us, "I came to Egypt to play a festival before the revolution and I felt like something was about to happen here, so I returned to my country, packed, and moved to Egypt, then the revolution happened." The man it seems is fascinated by Oriental culture be it the Middle East or the Far East, and he has managed to parlay that fascination into a full-blown multi-sensory experience.

When we asked him as to what people can expect from him he said: "More of this, using audio, video and scents to deliver one big show." His Soundcloud profile features some of the material used in his latest set, we will leave you with it.

For more info on Claudio visit Field Abuse on Facebook here.

For more info about Darb 1718, you can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @darb1718.