Sunday June 16th, 2024
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JUFFY: Swiss DJ of Egyptian Origins Stupefies us with his Quality Sounds

JUFFY's dad used to work at a casette tape shop in Abdeen - a love for music it seems runs in the family.

Staff Writer

JUFFY: Swiss DJ of Egyptian Origins Stupefies us with his Quality Sounds

The land of cheese, watch makers, and chocolate has also been churning out top notch minimal house artists in a persistent manner. The likes of Roberto Vitali aka Floating Mind, Ismail & Clive, Timoteo and now, after over a year of constant quality output, we are glad to feature JUFFY.

Yassin Mostafa aka JUFFY is a Swiss electronic artist with Egyptian origins. Born and raised in Zurich, he’s been known to show attributes more akin to his hometown then his father’s mother land - mainly accuracy and timeliness.

JUFFY’s father is from Abdeen and prior to moving to Switzerland he worked at a cassette tape store. This heritage seems to be apparent in his son's sets, a passion that drives his sound. A podcast on Swiss label KleinstadtMaterial has been well received internationally, making the rounds for over a year yet still manages to sound as timeless as forever.He picks up with a reverb soaked track that lures you in, progressing to Akiko Kiyama’s We Are Tubes Inner Tubes (Feat. Lisokot). Shortly after he drops Hushlamb producer Marlene Magnoli’s frog4 in Stefny Winter’s Frog Licker rework.

The entangled minimal sounds are a confirmation that Yassin can dissect any given tune and minimise it tastefully. His talent exceeds his inclinations and spans into technical abilities, a vinyl only set on DJ Lauren Lo Sung’s UK based Lolife label shows how he is as capable as they come - check it out.It is always a pleasure stumbling upon new artists, never more so than when they have Egyptian blood running through their veins - even if it’s only on his dad’s side, we can’t wait to catch him playing live in Egypt soon. Word around he'll be delivering a fresh piece within days, and rumors of him being booked to play Cairo have been surfacing - watch this space for updates.

Find JUFFY on Facebook here and follow him on SoundCloud for more tunes.