Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Ahead of DJ Misty's gig at Alchemy's Euphoria night tomorrow, we find out all the things you didn't need to know about him.

Staff Writer

Tomorrow, Tuesday 26th November, DJ Misty will be taking the decks at Alchemy's Euphoria night. So far it's lived up to it's name, becoming one of the most popular nights of the week, with guest spinners coming in to add more and more to the magic. We've hit Misty up for the second of our Kalam Fady series of interviews, with the talanted producer...

If you weren't a DJ what would you be doing?

Freelance sperm donor

You wake up one day and you find yourself in Hogwarts, what's the first thing you would do?
A) Find a broom fly off
B) Go see Hermoine and give her a bit of the wengaurdium Leviosa
C) Straighten Hagrids hair
D) Other... (Expand)

Definitely go pay Hermoine a visit.

Have you seen the marvelous bread-fish?

No, but i just googled it. Have you seen Badger Badger Mushroom?

Is it true that your pet chiwawa talks to you like a human when nobodies watching?

Thankfully no, He'd spend all of his time complaining about my music.

What's your favorite category on Youporn?

Japanese porn. That stuff is HILARIOUS!

Finish the sentence...


When was the last time someone compared you to Misty from Pokemon?

Probably the last time I came into the Cairoscene office.

How do you deal with spiders in your house?

I throw a shoe at it and stay as far away as possible.

What makes you feel Euphoric?

Talking to you..

What can we expect from you at your Alchemy gig tomorrow night?

Taimour Hosni dancing naked.

DJ Misty plays at Alchemy on the 26th of November starting 8:00 PM. Book here or call 0109 111 0577.