Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Karset Nevin Don't Want Love

When some of the country's coolest alternative musicians get together, something mad and magical is bound to happen. We speak to Mahmoud Tawfik about his new project with Ismail Hosny, Mahmoud Refaat and Abdelrahman Hussein...

Staff Writer

When Hawaiian-shirted Techno maestro Ismail Hosny of Wetrobots, leopard bandana-ed Experimental stalwart Mahmoud Refaat of 100 Copies, flower faced guitarist Abdelrahman Hussein founder of Dandin, and his former bandmate from 'Haytham', a tiger-jacketed Mahmoud Tawfik get together in a room, you'd expect something pretty mental to come out and frankly we were not disappointed. With Ismail on keys, Refaat on drums, Hussein on guitar and Tawfik on vocals, Karset Nevin is fresh, aggressive, emotional and unlike anything we've heard before. Think Metal with Indie-Rock twangs, some stellar guitar riffs and Tawfik's lo-fi Arabic angst screeching through as if digging deep down into some subconscious drama. 

They got together for the project after a 'Haytham' recording session at 100 Copies and things evolved from there with the new name being derived from "this burlesque aura of decay," as Tawfik put it."With Karset Nivin, we pretty much hit rock-bottom, it's all or nothing, we want to put all the shit out there." And it seems there's a whole treasure trove of repressed shit ready to burst out; from their track Love is Pollution, for example, are the lyrics (translated): "love is messy and shit, love makes things dirty, love is bacteria that transfers from my underwear to your underwear, let us be forever together, happy and out of the shower...clean." "Most of our songs are improvisations," explains Tawfik, "the lyrics as well; a mixture of crap from my notebook and improvisation. Sometimes we chat and one of us drops a line and in a couple of minutes we have a song."

The second release There is Nothing kicks off with one hell of a head nodding groove interluded by Tawfik floating in, regaling the tales of his incurable woes before the track turns harder and more like a classic fast paced Rock and Roll tune.

Listen to the tracks exclusively on Dandin here.

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